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KONUX – Your Partner for Exceptionally Robust and Precise Sensor Systems

KONUX offers customized sensor solutions that will advance both you and your company. Our patented, optoelectronic, contactless technology ensures your machines can function with higher precision and efficiency. KONUX sensors are able to determine a wide range of mechanical measurands with the highest accuracy and response time.
KONUX transducers can be easily integrated into complex system, and are a reliable and precise solution for our customers due to their high linearity and repeatability. Insensitivity to external agents and extraordinary robustness ensures that KONUX sensors are even suitable for use in highly demanding measuring ranges or hazardous environments.

We combined the extensive experience of our product developers with the innovative ideas of a young, creative team to build KONUX, a thriving Munich-based startup that is breaking new ground in the sensor industry with its patented optoelectronic measurement technique. We build customized sensors that represent a viable solution to conventional transducers. Our sensors enable customers to intelligently network their equipment and take part in the Industrial Internet of Things and further progress toward Industry 4.0.


KONUX sensors are ready to help you and your company become a leader in your field.

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